Current move to earn apps & how we compare

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The introduction of StepN has kickstarted the crypto Move2Earn landscape, which provided users with an ecosystem that allowed them to use multiple in-game NFTs to earn from walking or running. This was followed by an influx of Move2Earn games such as Dotmoovs, WIRTUAL, and Walken. Each following the basic concept behind StepN. However, this idea spread to other activities such as dancing, jumping, and driving, all while maintaining the original concept from StepN. Like StepN, most of these projects use the same GPS+pedometer combination to verify the users’ effort and provide users with the reward token at a specified rate.
At Naviern, we aim to take this concept a step further. Naviern functions as a navigation app that allows users to travel to their destination as conveniently as possible while passively earning crypto. With Naviern, you can be a driver, passenger, pedestrian, or take public transport for your commute and earn NST at a steady rate, which can be staked to further increase the users earning level. Ownership of NFTs is not necessary, allowing for a low initial cost to use the app.
While accessible to all, our app offers multiple game modes each for a different mode of transport. Each mode provides a separate section in the NFT marketplace, offering various rarities of NFTs with different rarity levels that correspond to the user's earnings, with higher levels having potential for higher earnings.