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Users will be equipped with NFTs specific to the app mode they use, consisting of different levels, which determine how much the user will earn and further benefits depending on the vehicle's energy source and NFT level. Different NFTs will be used for each of the three app modes while having a separate ecosystem for earning for each in-app method; thus, each of the three modes will have differences in the earning process and be entirely independent of one another, just the governance and earning utility tokens, NVRN & NST, will be used only for all modes.
  • Walking; This mode can be deployed by renting or using your personal NFT. Whether hiking or navigating through the city, users will earn NST at a steady rate using the phone's in-app pedometer and GPS. This game mode is encouraged by the game-given health benefits; hence it offers exclusive rewards to users once they complete their walk or run while using the navigation feature of the app.
  • Public transport; This mode earns the least since it requires the least effort. In Marketplace, NFTs will be available for public transportation enabling earning in its respective section with different rarity levels, being available all with potential to level up once a certain amount of tasks is completed. Depending on the distance traveled and time taken for the journey users will earn from a combination of these aspects including the rarity level of their NFTs. This category includes transport vehicles of the classes mentioned below.
- Bus
- Minibus
- Transport Vans
- Motorcycles
- Trams & Trains
  • Driving; An in-app map and navigation system will present the directions to your desired location, similar to any conventional navigation app marking the user's position visible with the usage of a 3D model of your NFT ,all while showing the user's chosen route. The app will guide you on the route while passively earning NST for the user. The earning rate will depend on the NFT level and the distance traveled by the user. Electric & Hydrogen-powered vehicles align with our cause to reduce CO2 levels in our environment; therefore, they earn at higher rates than ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles.It is essential to note that a verification process must be completed for electric & hydrogen-powered vehicle owners to enable the benefits.
Each trip will inflict a certain degree of wear on the NFTs, depending on travel distance. To repair this wear, the user must use NST (Naviern satoshi tokens, which users will earn by completing successful trips) ; these NST tokens used for repair will be burned to keep the value stable. Naviern will establish its ecosystem and allow users utilities such as staking, payments, transfers, and token swaps. Once on exchanges, users and owners of the tokens or in-app assets will be allowed to swap their tokens to other coins or tokens as they wish, while NFTs for all modes will be bought and sold on the in-app NFT marketplace using the NVRN token.
To start earning using your in-app assets, you will need to purchase an in-app NFT of your preferred level from the in-app marketplace, depending on the mode of transport the user may use. All types of personal road transport vehicles are acceptable for use. depending on whichever mode they qualify for and each of these assets will have different rarity levels, with each mode having a separate ecosystem and NFTs for the different modes, the rarity level of your NFT will enhance earning ability with optimized earning as the levels progress to higher rarities.
Once the award center tasks have been completed for your NFT rarity level, the user will be able to mint new NFTs using a pair of their pre-existing NFT which can be later sold in the in-app marketplace or can be used by the user themselves, the user can also be able to upgrade the rarity levels of their NFTs once they have completed the related tasks that will be shown to them in the award center page of app. Newly minted NFTs minted from a pair of NFTs held however, will be of a rarity level that is the mean of the two NFTs that are mated to mint, thus it is upto the user whether they choose to sell their NFTs they used for mating or keep them for a later mate & mint.
The in-app assets will be able to increase their level though making successful trips & completing tasks, and after a certain distance is covered by the user using that NFT it will be upgraded to higher levels(to upgrade pre existing NFTs that have leveled up the lower level NFT will be placed to sell on the marketplace while a higher rarity level is minted by user). Users are also allowed to start with higher level NFTs, however their price might be higher compared to lower level ones as the higher level in-app assets mean higher earning (prices will be determined by the ongoing bids or offers in the marketplace at time of purchase).
It should be noted that in-app assets will be purchased and sold using the in-app marketplace and a small fee will be charged in either of the native tokens for buying, selling and minting NFTs.