How we profit

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  • 2% fees on every in app transaction, including swaps and NFT purchases
We will be charging small fees from the in app activities; such as trading NFTs, NFT minting, and vehicle NFT rental. All assets in Naviern will be owned by individual users and the majority of earnings in the app will be made by the users and community holding the in-app tokens and NFT assets.
From this fees a minimum of 25% to a maximum of 50% will be added to liquidity of NST, the rate of the liquidity to be added is dependent on the amount of transactions of the NVRN token and the market conditions at the given time, along with the NST token price movement.
A portion of Navierns earnings will be used to fight climate change and with every milestone of user numbers the project will be planting trees and funding the fight against climate change.
Every electric & hydrogen powered vehicle that will be used in the application will need to be verified and once verified will allow users to use electric vehicle NFTs in the app which will allow for a higher earn rate compared to ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) Vehicles.
Naviern also offers Rideshare functionality for the users of its App, this allows users to find “Drivers” seeking to earn some extra rewards by providing Peer to Peer ride services for a specified Ride fees paid by the user to the driver. For all rideshare transactions 2.5% of the amount to be awarded to the Driver by the user will be deducted as fees by Naviern, with the remaining 97.5% directly being sent to the driver.