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Naviern is a Web 3.0 navigation & Ride share application that enables users to be rewarded through their daily commute. Like conventional navigation apps, Naviern will give directions to your desired destination and determine the most convenient route to your destination while passively earning NST. Navigation is an essential part of everyone's daily lives. While conventional navigation apps only serve the function of providing the user directions to their desired destination, Naviern allows users to earn crypto during this process.
Naviern aims to introduce the concept of Navigate 2 Earn, a new play2earn niche, that allows the simultaneous earning of NST tokens through its ecosystem. The earning process is dependent on multiple factors some of which are:
  • Mode of transport (walking, public transport, driving as each mode has its individual ecosystem)
  • NFT level and wear
  • The users in-app energy level
  • Time & Distance traveled for the users’ journey
  • Quantity of users using app with reward functionality enabled
  • Vehicle energy source (electric and hydrogen vehicle owners will earn more due to their low CO2 emissions and to promote our eco-friendly agenda).
Navern is a community-driven project with 3 app-modes that can enable you to earn through multiple modes of transportation. We aim to enable anyone using our app to earn NST via any form of commute; whether it be walking, public transport, or driving to your destination. Naviern is not exclusive only to users who have ownership of vehicles, but also for those that are using public transport given the correct NFT is deployed and correct earning mode is selected whilst navigating through the app. It is important to note that there will be parameters in place to validate that users do not use more than one device for their in-app awards, and to validate the completion of their journey.
Constraints are built in the app to avoid any cheating attempts by manipulating the GPS etc. Our algorithm can detect your trip details through a diverse list of constraints, whether you are actually using the method of transport that has been selected. If a wrong mode is selected and the app detects this, users will receive a warning notification which will allow them to switch back to their actual mode of transport. If users fail to comply with the warnings given to them in the app, their trip will be considered invalid. Energy however, will not be deducted and can be refunded.
Thus, after failure to comply with rules and regulations of the app interaction and terms & conditions, users will not be refunded the energy after the 5th attempt of trying to earn by using a different method than the one selected in the navigate to earn modes provided. This is put in place so users are aware of the consequences of any cheating attempts and 5 warnings provide ample time for anyone making a mistake to understand and correct their mode selection errors.
Given users own or rent the in-app asset NFT specific to their method of transportation and navigate their journey using the Naviern app, our algorithm will calculate the earnings based on different aspects of the trip and the method of travel that is being used. Naviern will function as a navigation tool providing the user with the most conventional route for their trip guided by a 3D model of their NFT, the ownership of which is one of the aspects that allows users to earn. The level of earning will be dependent upon the user's NFT level, among other factors. The ability to earn will be dependent on the energy points that have been awarded to users. The energy points will be calculated and awarded according to different factors listed below;
Meaning a user using the app daily and holding in-app assets will gain more energy points than users who may not play daily or do not have in-app assets. It should be noted that all users will be awarded energy points daily, whether they are new or old users; however, holders of assets and users who use the app more or have their NAVI staked will get higher energy points daily.
Users holding multiple NFT assets will obtain more energy points than users having only one asset; app usage and in-app asset holding will be among the factors determining the energy level awarded. The app automatically tracks the trip via GPS and shows users their route, similar to conventional navigation apps.
As the user commences on their journey, they will begin earning NST. The amount earned will be dependent on factors such as the ones listed below;
Energy is rewarded daily. After each 24 hours, the energy awarded to the user will expire if not used. This mechanism is put in place to prevent users from collecting energy points and trying to use all of their points at once. Instead we want to encourage daily movement of the user for them to stay active and live a healthy life, while having users use their energy wisely and allow a daily interaction with the app for the duration the user navigates to earn.
If a user may not be driving or taking any form of transport during a given day, as they will have some energy awarded to them for the specific day we want to encourage users to go out and try the walk & navigate to earn function of our app too, this allows the users to lead a much healthier and fitter lifestyle than they would otherwise with just using drive or transport & navigate to earn.
Naviern will provide an in-app wallet for users where earnings will be sent. This in-app wallet will be secured by two-factor authentication for fund transfers, and a biometric or facial recognition authentication, confirmation for each time the wallet is accessed.
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