Legal Disclaimer

Copyright ©2023 Naviern. All rights reserved.
The following must be read with attention. Shall there be any remaining doubts regarding the whitepaper, feel free to join our community where representatives can answer your questions or email us with your queries. This whitepaper is about a project that is a work in progress, hence some aspects will need clarification as the project is further improved and innovated upon.
This whitepaper elucidates the main concept behind the Navigate2Earn project "Naviern". Given the relatively new niche it stems from, there will be changes and improvements along the way.
The NVRN and NST tokens are only utility tokens and cannot be considered as stocks, shares, or securities by anyone in ownership of these tokens. Any ownership of the NVRN & NST tokens do not in any way create securities investment contracts nor does it grant any entitlement in any way to any security/shares offering. Ownership of the in-app utility tokens like NVRN & NST or any in-app assets does not grant any rights in any way to any user other than in-app utility, and nor does it grant any rights to any holder over the Naviern app.
None of the transport data will be stored nor sold to third party companies. Once the successful trip has been completed all its metadata will be erased from servers after the validation of every trip, ensuring full privacy to every user.
This whitepaper is based on Naviern which is an in progress Blockchain Integrated Decentralized Application and should be treated as such. Some information may be subject to change due to changing market conditions and the Rapidly Evolving Blockchain Niche that it is based on. Also important to Note is that Naviern is a work in progress and as Naviern is based upon multiple ever changing service providing industries (Navigation, Transport, Rideshare, Blockchain D-App), as these industries evolve and innovate, Naviern will be constantly working on integrating all types of new technologies for the best user experience.