Naviern Rideshare

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The Naviern app has an additional feature to support Ridesharing, supported by the Community and App users. The functionality of Navierns App already has features that can support Ridesharing services- given that the Services will be provided; by users to users. Any Community member using the Naviern app can choose to enable the ride sharing feature from the in app settings;- it is important to note that enabling ridesharing will allow other users to see your location on maps in real time. Only users which select the “Find A Rideshare'' feature present on the home page then can view other Naviern app users in real time along with their position, with their icon being shown on map; only to users who are actively trying to find a rideshare. This will allow both users, the ones offering and the ones seeking rideshare, to choose their closest available “Driver”(Driver here refers to the user who is offering the rideshare).
Once the preferred driver is selected the Driver is sent a notification to accept or deny the “Rideshare Offer”, once accepted the “Driver” offering the rideshare will be sent the directions to the user whose offer they have accepted and once they accept the app page automatically opens the route on the Navigation page. Once the “Driver” is en route to the user/users seeking rideshare they are shown the Drivers position in real time. The user seeking rideshare is sent a notification whenever their “Driver” is ~ 3-4 mins away. Once the Driver has picked up the user they are presented with two options- either to keep their position on for other users to see or they can turn their position off for other users seeking rideshare if they prefer to keep their trip information private from other users; giving both drivers and users a fully decentralized experience.
During the Rideshare trip, driver and user can still both enable earning given that they select their specific modes that match with their ride details. For example the driver is still able to choose “Drive & Navigate” Functionality of the app - given that they own or rent the mode specific NFT needed, and also have enough energy available, in the case of energy being lesser than the trip duration the Driver can still user the “Drive to Navigate” feature until their energy levels last; & they will be awarded accordingly. For the user they can also “Navigate to Earn” however they will need to use the - “Take Transport to Earn” feature instead & given that the app already knows they were seeking rideshare they will not be able to select “Drive to earn” mode in the app, as all users need to select a “Navigate to Earn” mode specific to their travel methods.
All “Rideshare” payments will be allowed to be paid in “NVRN” & “NST” ONLY. Once the rideshare is complete the user is directed to their in App wallet page where they are automatically sent the wallet address of the “Driver” leaving the amount part to be blank for the user to fill in themselves. The user MUST pay the “Driver” the amount they have Discussed before the rideshare has started with the option for extra tips to be included in the single payment to be made to the Driver.
Once the user has paid the fare for rideshare they will be charged a 1% transfer fee and 1.5% rideshare fee totalling to 2.5% with the remaining 97.5% of the amount being sent directly to the Drivers wallet.
Upon completion of the trip the user is required to leave a review of the Driver each time, and the app does not let the user use other in App functionalities until they have reviewed their trip or at least given the mandatory rating out of 5 stars. This rating along with each drivers reviews can be seen by other users when the Driver has their rideshare feature enabled.