Naviern Wallet

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Tokens and rewards earned from users' journeys will be stored in the in-app wallet. To ensure security of users' funds, the wallet has the ability to use biometric or facial verification along with the Users personal Wallet key to their Self Custodial Naviern wallet. The wallet can also store NVRN token which can be used in the NFT marketplace.
Your earnings made through taking journeys on the Naviern app will be sent to the in app wallet, from there they can be used to transfer funds to other wallets or to make P2P transactions to other supported wallets. The swap feature will allow users to convert their earnings to other coins or USD stablecoins of their choice. Utilizing 2-factor-authentication via email or text verification, we aim to ensure the utmost safety of our users' funds in their Naviern wallet.
Additionally Naviern’s In App Wallet will be a self custodial wallet, meaning that the funds are accessible through the key only & this key is only held by the user & the user only. Self custodial wallet puts some responsibility on the user to ensure their funds are totally secure and only accessible by the user themselves.
The Naviern App & Company entity Does not hold any of the users assets, instead all funds are protected by each user's personal key used to access the wallet.