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This section will cover the Play2Earn landscape and discuss similar projects to highlight how Naviern differs from the competition. Play2Earn has caused a significant disruption in the crypto space with other play to earn games or move to earn projects, users can earn through playing games or doing activities. However, these require for you to put your time and energy into the game actively Unlike other projects, Naviern allows users to earn passively without doing anything other than navigating to commute safely, giving root to a new niche, Navigate 2 Earn.
Given that commuting is a daily activity for millions around the globe, the ability to passively earn while being provided with a reliable navigation system and directions are extremely convenient and unique to Naviern. With Navigate 2 Earn we aim to enable users to use their Naviern NFTs to earn according to multiple factors of their trip.
This project is perfectly passive, unlike other games that require the user's performance or physical acts such as running. Following the introduction of Move2Earn in Game-fi and Web3, there was a void in the space for an opportunity to benefit passively from your everyday commute. Naviern aims to fill this void by launching an app that allows users to earn passively by performing a simple part of their daily lives, navigating.