System overview

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At Naviern we offer an advanced navigation system that allows users to earn through multiple means of movements and transport. Users can passively earn NST through our individualized earning system using their NFTs. These NST tokens can sit in the in-app wallet where they can be used for repair staked or converted into USD equivalent stablecoins.
The possible modes of earning include driving, walking or public transport. By using NFTs of different rarity levels and ability to mint new NFTs by the users, with our navigation system we aim to allow users to earn passively via any mode of transport while navigating to their destination safely with our app. Our in-app interface presents a model of the user's location by a 3D model of their NFT which corresponds to the game mode they are playing.
These NFTs consist of different rarity levels from 1-5 with 1 being lowest to 5 at the highest, where users can either level up from app usage or by simply purchasing a higher level NFT. These NFTs also come with minting capabilities which users can utilize to mint new NFTs.
Once provided with their route, users can travel to their destination and earn proportionally depending upon certain aspects of their trip of which a few being; NFT level, mode of transport, and distance traveled etc. Once the trip is completed the user will be awarded their tokens which can be used or sold by the user as they wish.