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Naviern will be using two tokens, NVRN(Naviern governance token) & NST(Naviern Satoshi Token), with a fixed token supply of 1 billion and 3 billion respectively. NVRN acts as the governance token and can be used to purchase in-app assets. NST will be awarded to the users and can also be used in the repair of the NFTs as well as minting and upgrading in-app NFTs.
The in app wallet will allow users to swap NVRN for NST or USD stablecoin of users preferrence, however for NVRN TO NST SWAP The user needs to be level 3 and above for enabling NVRN to NST swap, while NVRN can be swapped to your preferred USD stablecoin at all levels of the app. The NVRN token is the governance token, it will enable you to purchase in-app assets like NFTs, it can be staked to earn higher energy points daily along with the APR yield, and NST(Naviern Satoshi token) will be used to repair your pre-existing NFTs that have been worn from use and as the fees for minting nfts also.
A major percentage of the NST that is paid as fees (for repair & mint) will be burned to maintain the supply to liquidity ratio so that users always get a bang for their buck in the rewards they are awarded. The NST rewards given to users is dependent on the number of users using the apps earning functionality, the more navigate 2 earn is used with the intention of earning rewards, the input required for earning rewards will also increase exponentially.
This is designed to incentivize users to start earning as soon as possible and avail the opportunity of being early on the project hence being rewarded through higher rewards. However it should be noted that the rewards depend on the quantity of users making trips at the same time as you make your trip.
If you take trips on timings where the users using the reward mechanism is lower your rewards will be comparatively higher to sometime when the earning reward mechanism is in high use. As users navigating will earn higher NST rewards today than they may tomorrow, early adopters will be rewarded more potently due to the exponential difficulty of earning rewards dependent on live user activity.
Through this Naviern aims to develop a functionality model based on a steadily rising marginal cost of production to maintain the utility of NST.