Value addition of Naviern

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As mentioned before, earning passively via crypto is a relatively new idea. With the recent influx of concepts such as Play2Earn, Move2Earn, and Drive2Earn; our project introduces Navigate 2 Earn, Navierns navigation system which aims to stand out by offering additional value other than earning. Naviern users can benefit not only from the app by receiving convenient routes to their desired location, but they can also earn crypto while doing so.
With our 3D NFT interface and other in-app features, we make navigation fun compared to other navigation apps with the added aspect of earning through your journeys. The Naviern app also allows for other token utilities such as its Ride-share feature allowing an additional model for users to earn rewards though providing P2P (Peer to Peer) services, though using Navierns Decentralized Rideshare functionality; perfectly integrated into its navigation interface. This allows for Naviern to cover more than one Real world Utility Providing services making sure its Business plans are all based upon Providing Real world Utility.